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Hip hip hooray it's Halloween AKA All Hallows Eve AKA International Witches Day & Night and Love A Black Cat Day and last but not least Eat Some Pumpkin Pie Dalol.

Now jokes aside, I really do enjoy the 31st of October, after all what other day of the year can you dress up as a traditional looking witch and not be deemed mad or bad or both!?! So peeps, do enjoy going out trick or treating tonight with your mini witches, ghosts and ghouls also known as your darling kid/s!!!

So anyway, what you've been waiting for and what you clicked on this link for, yes here's your oh so dark yet delightful Halloween oracle card reading, now do not show any fear, the prognosis for today and tonight l@@ks rather g@@d !

The two main subjects for this Halloween oracle card reading are "love" and "loyalty".

Starting with love, you may find that you're going to have a rather romantic All Hallows Eve with your husband or wife or significant other and if you are single you may actually meet someone special when your out tonight enjoying the Halloween festivities, no not throwing eggs and all of that rotten stuff (I'm full of puns today!) - instead you're more likely to meet a romantic love interest @ a Halloween fancy dress party or such the like, though if you look too ghastly then that's not a scenario on the cards, lol ...

We need to remember that All Hallows Eve is a traditional belief system that has it's roots in Paganism, Wicca and Hoodoo etc and in the past such practices and beliefs were kept secret and underground but now in a world that is far more accepting of non Christian and non mainstream religions, it's so much easier to come out of the witches Halloween broom closet! Yes we can claim Halloween, own it and love and appreciate this special day and night of the year, where we accept and acknowledge that for there to be light there too must be the contrast of darkness

Now this stance isn't to justify the bad but to move forward in life it's imperative to acknowledge that negative is just as much a part of life as positive. Ghosts do exist, I saw one in my twenties, the paranormal is all about us it's just that we're all so transfixed by modernity and our screens, whether it be a smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc or even a television - that any of us have lost touch with the supernatural and that's why Halloween is so important because it brings all things spooky and strange and of the other dimensions to the surface for us to dwell and ponder on, even just for a day and night ...

Loyalty being the second theme for this Halloween oracle card reading may just be about staying true and loyal to yourself and standing your ground and of course staying loyal to your nearest and dearest. Perhaps some of the members in your family or your friends do not like Halloween perhaps they misjudge it, so in this instance you need to stay loyal to your belief system or perhaps it's the other way round, maybe you're a Christian and are very anti All Hallows Eve, even if this is the case you can still be loyal to those you love even if you don't share the same beliefs as they do.

As well as spirit orientated, Halloween is also about thanking the Earth for it's abundant gifts, particularly fruitful harvests, we need to be grateful for the soil and for the vegetation that grows forth from it, pumpkins are such a gorgeous and yummy autumn delight, so thank you mother Earth for them in all of their orange coloured glory... and lets also be grateful for our pets and not least of all lovely black cats ...

Talking of which,as good etiquette would dictate, I completely forgot to introduce my darling black moggy, she was so contentedly sleeping that I forgot she was sat beside me, usually she snores and that would have reminded me that my cat was very nearby! Anyhow her name is BB (pronounced Be Be) and hopefully she and I will appear in more videos together!

"Have an absolutely fantastically fabulous wicked Halloween" Ruby Romina

Enjoyed this written, visual and audio reading!!! yay, I thought so!
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