Oracle Card Reading Monday 19 October - Sunday 25 October

Hello there lovely reader, how are you? I hope you're well, so here's your oracle reading for the week that starts from Monday 19 October - Sunday 25 October.

I'm using the wonderful Doreen Virtues Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards. 

The over all subject matter for this week, according to the cards, are Holiday and Autumn / Fall. Of course it just so happens to be ... yep, autumn! so if you're feeling a bit tired, low on energy and overly burdened and stressed out by the the pace of life, then it's certainly time for you to unwind! Now I know that most of us don't automatically associate autumn time with holiday time but perhaps you never got round to taking a summer holiday and as a result the time is absolutely ripe for you to have holiday this autumn time, maybe you even need a summer holiday this autumn - lol !!!

Now don't stress out if you can't afford a weeks holiday, mini weekend breaks are a great alternative to more costly travel excursions. Failing that, if you really can't manage any time away, then just treat your home time as a holiday put off any unimportant chores and just take time out to relax and unwind ...

Talking about taking time out, remember that autumn time is absolutely easy on the eyes! aren't natures wonders @ this time of year more majestical than the crown jewels !?! so if you've been feeling a bit hemmed in lately and deep down you know you haven't been getting enough out door, fresh air time, then why not take a brisk walk in the crisp autumnal air ...

Let's not get down about autumn, lets be happy, it means we are still here, walking, wandering and wondering upon the earth, yes it's a bit of a cliche but it's very very true, life is a gift, so let's enjoy it, even in the presence of autumn and maybe in the absence of a holiday ... x


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