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For this demonstration video reading, I use two cards and I've opted to use two different card decks, the first is Angel Dreams Oracle cards and the second is the Magical Messages From The Fairies both by the queen of oracle decks, Doreen Virtue!

Mysteriously the first card drawn is from the Angel Dreams deck and yet it is a fairies card, this means that if you've happened upon this webpage, it is indeed by grand design and not mere coincidence, the Angels and fairies have something very important to impart to you during this reading, so carry on watching, reading and listening ...

I also pulled the first card for this reading in reverse or upside down, again this means that it is wise to take special notice during this reading
and to act upon the advice if your situation warrants it!

So the first card - which is the wrong way up - reads Fairies, environment, playtime, enchantment. 

The second card reads Walk away, leave the unhealthy situation and enjoy the new doors that open as a result!

It's vital that you need to be honest - with yourself and others who care about you and for whom you care for - about an immediate environment which you are exposed to that is as you know yourself, deeply unhealthy for you to remain in either psychologically, emotionally and spiritually or dare I say it, perhaps even physically - or all of these ...

Of course even in the twenty first century, many people still feel  d o m e s t i c   v i o l e n c e  is very much a taboo subject, but it needn't be and shouldn't be. Unfortunately for light workers sometimes during a fortune teller reading the uncomfortable subject matter of    d o m e s t i c   v i o l e n c e  arises. 

If you feel trapped in a relationship that was once upon a time romantically based but since and now it has transmuted in to a negative and abusive co-dependency, then you need to be brave and put a stop to this by doing as the card suggests walk away ...

The first card also seems to be advising you to talk things through with your best friend or friends and it seems you need to get out and have some playtime with them. Sometimes when we're in a sexual relationship that has soured, we consciously or subconsciously choose to hide such things from our friends because we don't want to accept the truth, we think things will get better or if only I hadn't done that. well the cards and I are here to tell you that it's never ever your fault and you know that your good friends will tell you exactly the same.

Enchantment is such a 
b e a utiful word and in the context of this fortune teller reading, I am taking the liberty for it to mean taking delight and great pleasure and loving and being captivated by the one and only YOU! It may sound cliched but nevertheless it's true, you have to fall in love with yourself, so much so that you absolutely refuse to accept anything less than being treated as the wonderful woman that you are!!!

It can feel so liberating to end a what was once a romantic relationship, that's now gone bad, while you endure such a union it's as though you are always on tenter hooks and once you've done emotional justice to yourself by ending the relationship, it's as though you can once again enjoy being able to exhale and enjoy the new doors that open as a result ...

If you're in an 

a b u s i v e  

r e l a t i o n s h i p 

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Enchantment is such a 
b e a utiful word 
and you're such a 
b e a utiful person, 
so learn to become 
b e a utifully 
enchanted with you

Ruby Romina

Here I am with BB, the cutest black cat, ever !


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