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This freebie demonstration reading is evergreen, what I mean by this is, no matter where you are, or what the day or night and date and time, if you are here on this webpage, watching this video or reading this content or indeed listening to it via the mp3 players, this reading is meant for you in some way! 

For this session I have selected the Psycards deck. As you can see, Psycards look quite similar to  traditional Tarot deck of cards but there are differences. A Tarot deck has 78 cards and there are 40 cards in the Psycards deck and the cards have been designed to tap in to the deep recesses of the subconscious mind and particularly our shadow selves, yes we all have our shadows but as the famous psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung (pronounced yung / young) theorised, our shadow personality, the parts of ourselves that are prone to be negative, is still an important part of our over all personality architecture!

So as you watch me shuffle the cards in the video, concentrate a question in your mind and just perhaps this general reading will answer your query.

For my mini card readings, I tend to use 2 cards - as you can see the two cards literally jumped out of the deck while I was shuffling them! this means the energy behind the cards has an important message to give to us ...

So let this video, written and audio online psychic reading demo commence!

The oracle cards that fate has delivered to us for this reading are the body and peace. So lovely lady or gorgeous gentleman, have you been taking good enough care of yourself lately? or have you instead been neglecting yourself in the pursuit of getting everything done and trying to have everything? Now there's nothing wrong with desiring to take everything in your stride and there too is naught wrong with wanting things but sometimes you have to slow down and ask yourself are those things really more important than your ultimate bodily health and optimum physicality ...

The Body 

Be honest and take some time right here, right now to ask yourself if you've been nourishing your body with the best healthful foods available to you? have you been getting enough vitamins and minerals? (and if you haven't it's time for you to seriously consider taking some multi vitamin supplements to give your body a positive boost) after all these are the best kind of chill pills you can take! 

Plus have you been drinking enough fluids lately? ... er now come on ... I'm talking about the right kind of liquid refreshment, not a pina colada, lol, instead I'm talking about that liquid stuff that we can't do without, yes good old fashioned water ... don't you just love the sound of it and even more importantly don't you just love the oh so invigorating taste of it !?!

We mustn't forget about exercise either, must we!?! In this modern high tech internet day and age of sloth and sitting and staring @ and working in front of screens of all shapes and sizes, it's even more important that we nurture our psychical being by getting some much needed aerobic exercise ... now stretch five, six, seven, eight, jog on the spot, five six, seven, eight ... lol (even laughter is exercise!).

Peace Perfect Peace

So now wonderful women and magnificent men we will spend some time during this online psychic reading focusing on the peace card. Oh peace perfect peace, well perhaps it's a little far fetched to obtain total utopia but nevertheless tranquility, calmness and a state of equanimity - you know where we remain stable and composed even in the midst of a crisis - are within our grasp and this way of being is for the taking.

So tap in to this grounding force by overwhelming yourself with a feeling vibration that every little thing is gonna be ok and the big things that are seemingly out of control will take care of themselves, even in pivotal times when the world seems to have gone utterly MAD remember that there is a force that has the power to sway the outcome of a situation and even in the vast chasms of chaos in the universe one spark can light up the most melanoid hole ... yes this means without sounding and being cheesy that the light shines on in the darkness ....

Now let's look @ the peace psycard more carefully (while @ the same time remembering to feel much thankfulness whether by chance or design for our eyes and sight to do so!), wow isn't it amazing, when we say thanks for our body and it's great grand design we immediately feel enlivened don't we !?! 

As you can see the peace card has on it, a picture of the interior of a church or temple, in the background is a circular stain glass window which lets through rays of light, warmth and hope. The ceiling looks attractive and intricate and yet it is held up by rather simple and modest support columns. This is a brilliant analogy as to how peace can work for us in our own lives on a micro level and on a much larger macro world wide scale. Our lives individually and intertwined @ first glance seem complicated and tangled but if we gently pull the strands we realise that matters are really a lot easier to loosen than what was first once supposed.

Perhaps you associate the illustration on the peace oracle card with church and in turn maybe you associate church with the Bible. Well if you do you're not alone (ha ha excuse the sort of pun!). The Bible @ 1 Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9 tells us "Do you know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit" and even if you don't believe in any supreme being it is still apparent that life, the big bang and how we all got here, despite what physicists say - is still a mystery. So even if the Holy Spirit is not your thing, you'l probably concede that your body does indeed house your soul, so it's of prime importance to take care of our bodies in the same way that we would respect a dedicated place of worship ...  

Complimentary Cards

The two lovely psycards that have made an appearance for this online psychic reading compliment each other in a powerful union of synergy -

a healthy body = a peaceful mind 

and peace can restore an ailing body to full health, wealth and happiness

Umm, well maybe there's such a thing as peace perfect peace, lol ...

A tuppence 'alf penny or more for good fortune ...

Have I helped you along your way!?! has my sub standard and oh so immature and talentless artwork brought a smile to your face!?! more importantly did the cards speak to you or even SHOUT out loud to you!!! Well if you've enjoyed this reading any contribution of any amount will be received from you with the utmost gratitude on my part x


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