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Hi I'm Ruby Romina and thank you for visiting my online home! Anyway I'm really pleased to add Tarot card readings to my list of esoteric services!

So if you'd like to know what the universe has to say to you about love, fate and fortune, then Tarot can be an excellent way to probe both the unknown as well as what may be lying beneath the surface, in your subconscious mind, we all have a shadow self and it can be very useful on your evolution on the path to developing yourself so your best self reigns supreme.

You can have a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 card reading and just to be different (I do like to be different!) if you'd like, I will even throw a dice for you and what ever number comes up, will be the number of cards I shall read for you, umm yummy - pure fatum!

There's a whole host of life areas, issues and perplexities that you can ask the tarot, for instance perhaps you simply want a general outlook, where the Tarot in all it's wisdom may point out which law of attraction frequency you are on.

Or perhaps your job situation (or lack thereof) is consuming a lot of your thought power and even with much contemplation you still don't know quite what to do but you do know that you want and deserve a career which is rewarding, so that you may work towards fulfilling your life purpose.

Of course the most popular questions that tend to be asked by customers / askers are love life related questions, such as when will Mr or Miss Right be found? is the current relationship going anywhere? is he or she right for me? etc ... So what ever your love quandary the Tarot will provide an answer, even if you can't quite understand the message or advice that is coming through!

Any how I say it better in this short but rather entertaining video below!

Talking about entertaining, please be aware that by law, I the one and only Ruby Romina (lol) has to disclaim that any Tarot, Angel or Oracle reading with me is for entertainment purposes only before you book a session with me. Please refer to the far more in depth disclaimer in the footer area/ @ the bottom of this site.

Now let me quickly run through the various ways that you can have a tarot card reading with me -

i - Skype, yes we can do a face to face Skype to Skype Tarot session, this is a virtual meeting of minds and Tarot!

ii - YouTube video, this is where I film myself doing a reading for you and then I upload it to YouTube, don't worry I don't divulge your personal information and I shall refer to you throughout the reading by your first name or initials only.

iii - MP3 audio, I can record your reading so that it's a sound file.

iv - PDF, if you'd like, I can write the tarot card reading on a document for you.

So by now you've probably watched the video, so do not
delay, book a tarot card reading with me, Ruby Romina today!


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