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I felt compelled to use an angel oracle cards deck for this love reading. I prefer it when the particular cards I am shuffling "jump" from the deck but these little lovelies were going to do no such thing, so after a quick shuffle on camera (I thoroughly shuffled them before I started filming) I took the 2 cards from the top of the deck pile.

The cards for this reading are pay attention to the red flags, the signs are cautioning you and forgiving and learning, as you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present moments.

There's an underlying theme of taking extreme care of yourself and admitting to yourself that a situation is not healthy for your well being and may even be a threat to your very safety - especially your physical safety.

The universe is strongly guiding you to to be honest with yourself if you are indeed in an abusive relationship of any sort. Now it could be that you're @ the beginning of a new relationship but lately you've been noticing behaviour that if it doesn't disturb you (though it may) it does @ the least concern you. Red flags are like warning traffic lights when they change to red - red is for danger - the traffic light tells the driver to stop and the universe is telling you to STOP as well. 

The relationship you're involved in may have be a long term relationship that is getting worse and worse, perhaps your significant other is becoming increasingly jealous and possessive of you or flies off the handle and loses their temper. If they have actually inflicted any sort of physical violence upon you - you need to get out NOW. 

Be kind and gentle with yourself however, as there's no point in berating and scolding yourself, forgive yourself for putting up with this negative and ever increasingly destructive relationship. If necessary get some professional counselling to resolve your inner issues that most certainly set in motion the occurrences in your daily "love" life. The universe is telling you to go and heal yourself, then and only then will you truly have the courage to leave this bad relationship behind, so it fades in to the past - and when you do love will abundantly flow for your soon to be future ...

This has been your free daily angel oracle card love reading, I do hope it spurs you on your unique journey of self healing and self love ...


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