Daily Angel Oracle Tarot Fortune Reading Thursday June 9th 2016 Numeric Dice

This is your daily angel oracle tarot fortune reading for Thursday June 9th 2016. Today I've decided to use numeric dice in conjunction with a numbers dice cloth board, after all many, many daily forecasts tend to use Tarot cards and as beloved as Tarot is, it's not the only method and tool that can be used to tap in to the timeless wisdom of the universe!

The dice I use for this reading are really cute, shweeet and oh so witchy! and let's remember that "witch" isn't a dirty word, it's a "flirty" word, it denotes a bold woman - or a man - who doesn't give a flying fig what others think and isn't conditioned by negative connotations but instead taps in to and utilises natural psychic forces that are all around us in the interstices of our daily lives!

I shake one dice in my hand @ a time, this is so I know which number comes up first! 

The first number to appear for todays reading is 6 and the second dice cast thrown for this reading is 2.

The 6 landed between the difficulties area and the relax area and the 2 landed in the happiness and success area. The specific theme for the 6 & 2 side by side is seriousness.

So you are being guided today, to l@@k @ any difficulties you may have in your life and confront them - as opposed to sweeping the matter @ hand under the carpet. You mustn't ignore any bill that have gone unpaid, if needs be phone up the utility company and make a payment arrangement. If you've fallen out with a neighbour or friend, swallow your pride and give them a call (it's better than a text message) or pay them a visit and make amends. What ever the challenge may be today is a day for sorting it out!

If you have a project that could result in your personal success, happiness and fulfillment but you've been slothful lately you need to take the project seriously so you can reap the harvest of positive results from all of your hard efforts. Perhaps take a few minutes right now to relax, meditate and visualise yourself working towards your goal and remember to end your visualisation with the result being successful.

This has been your daily angel oracle tarot fortune numeric dice reading for Thursday June 9th 2016.

For a numbers dice reading with me, please go to the buy a reading tab @ the top of this page.

Positive vibes from me to you x


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