IMPORTANT Daily Oracle Cards Reading Thursday 16th June 2016

This is a FREE daily oracle cards reading for Thursday 16th of June 2016. If you'd like to have a private reading with me, either contact me by email or go to the buy a reading tab @ the top of this page! I do gratefully accept donations, so if you'd like to metaphorically X my palm with silver and gold then the donate button is easy to locate!

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Usually after a good shuffle the cards I use normally jump out of the deck but these little cuties did no such thing, so I took the two cards from the top of the deck. The first card for todays reading is "cavern" and the second is "feminine". 

Immediately my mind wandered to a special day out I had with an equally very special friend @ Cheddar Gorge in Somerset many moons ago ... however the word that instantly came to my mind is internal - I knew intuitively that this word is important for todays reading!

Firstly you need to make sure that you maintain your femininity today, especially for instance if you work in a male dominated job or if your immediate family members are mostly male, yes it's easy to put on a pair of jeans or trouser suit for work but go on be a woman and wear a dress or skirt and blouse today, remember a woman can exude just as much of an air of authority and professionalism in a skirt suit as a trouser one!

However I feel that more importantly these 2 oracle cards drawn in conjunction with one another are boldly telling you to check out any female related health issues or concerns that you may have swept to the back of your mind.

If there is anything at all health wise and particularly to do with your womanly bits, your breasts or your down below, then I along with the cards absolutely urge you to go and see a doctor asap!

We can get so busy and put things off - yes life is very distracting, it's as though we're all walking around with attention deficit disorder - however if you strongly identify with this reading your health is one thing that you must put your attention on, right now, so if you can't pop along to your nearest doctors surgery or health clinic, use the phone, book that appointment right now! 

So this has been your free daily oracle cards reading for Thursday 16th June 2016, I very much hope it has helped you!

Peace and positive vibes, love from Ruby x


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