Daily Tarot / Oracle / Goddess Cards Reading Tuesday 14th June 2016

This is your FREE daily tarot / oracle / goddess cards reading for Tuesday June the 14th 2016. If you'd like to have a private 1-2-1 reading with me, please go to the buy a reading tab @ the top of the page.

For todays reading I'm using Goddess cards because remember that YOU are indeed a Goddess, you are the mistress and boss of your own very special universe!

As you can see by watching the video I ask the universe to select the cards for this reading and the universe being our most trusted friend and ally indeed reminds us that our wish is it's command !!!

So 2 cards both land face down @ the same time, I turn them both over to see that the cards are Oya and Amaterasu.

Oya signifies that change is in the air today. There's obviously something in your life that you yourself knows needs to change, this card has been drawn to remind you that it's time to take action and implement this much needed change, whether it be in your work life, a friendship that's past its sell by date or even a love relationship that was once good but now isn't ...

Amaterasu has appeared in this reading to remind you of your own inner beauty, stop putting yourself down and stop comparing yourself to Kim Kardashian and other celebrities, just remind yourself every time you try to live up to a picture perfect aesthetic that most celebrities are often times quite heavily airbrushed and when they're on the red carpet, they've usually employed the help of professional make up artists, hairdressers and couture stylists. 

You are YOU celebrate this fact today, whether you're a bit over-weight or even if you're fat or thin, love yourself and cherish yourself, today is about not giving a stuff what people think or say about yourself. Just sort out your own stinking thinking and you will thrive!

If your partner has started to put you down based on your l@@ks and makes critical comments, if this person no longer appreciates your inner and outer beauty it's time to change your relationship and get a better one - when of course providence and cupid and the stars align to bring that special someone to you ...

This has been your freebie daily tarot / oracle / goddess cards reading for Tuesday June the 14th 2016. 

If you'd like to have a personal Goddess or other reading with me, please go to the buy a reading tab @ the top of this website.

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