FREE Angel Oracle Tarot Charms Casting Reading For Monday13th June 2016

This is a free angel oracle tarot charms casting reading for Monday June 13th 2016, as you can deduce from the title of todays reading, I am using delightfully cute little charms!

So first of all I mix and stir the gorgeous little charms whilst @ the same time asking the universe to tell us what the main theme and contemplation for this Monday should be. I close my eyes and then pluck 2 charms from the pile of metal divinationary wisdom.

The two charms I drew, seemed to magnetically stick together, so any way the charms for today are a half moon and a bicycle!

The first thing that sprung to my mind was ET, yes that's right ET AKA the movie AKA ET phone home ...

The famous film directed by the equally famous Steven Spielberg is all about a shweeet wise extra terrestrial being - an alien. ET makes friends with a group of Children, they have exciting adventures with each other. However ET is persued by authorities that don't have his spiritual best interests @ heart. ET begins to long for and pine for home, to borrow the words from another famous movie there's no place like home ...

Perhaps you've been thinking the grass is going to be better on the over side, over there, however often times it isn't because as the say, you always take yourself with you. Plus there's no place like home because the best place is where the people you love the most are, yes your cherished friends and family!

On another note the charms may also be telling you to actually phone home, so if you live a long way from "home" and you haven't caught up with family and friends lately give them a phone call or even better Skype them!

The bicycle and moon paired together may also mean that you are soon going to travel on an international journey that will cross different time zones, the journey may be quite a long one !

So this has been your free angel oracle tarot charms casting reading for Monday June 13th 2016, if you've enjoyed it, I welcome donations, the donate button is on the right hand sidebar on this site!

If you'd like a charm casting reading with me (I will select more than 2 charms for you via Skype or by YouTube video, please either book the reading or send me an email!

Peace and positive vibes from Ruby Romina x


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