FREE Angel Oracle Tarot Fortune Reading Sunday 12th June 2016

This is your special free angel oracle tarot fortune reading for Sunday the 12th of June 2016.

For todays session, I am using an oracle deck, they look rather like Tarot cards and just like Tarot these particular cards always have a message to convey!

How's your Sunday going thus far? I hope you're having a really nice day so far. Anyway to the reading itself ...

The first card seemed to do an odd thing in my hand, it wants to appear in today reading and so it has !!!

The second card seemed to appear by means of an act of serendipatiousness - a fortunate accident ... and it seems to shout out loudly and clearly "YES", lol ...

So when I turn over the first card it says "fortune" so this card + yes bodes very well indeed and even as I write this, this very second, the sun is coming out and the room is rapidly brightening up. Indeed a sign for me and all of you who watch and read this that the sun (albeit metaphorically) is coming out for you today.

Any thing you've been wondering about doing today - well I'd say go and do it, within reason - as long as it's not a life threatening bungee jump (I take no responsibility if things go wrong, ouch or worse ...) gotta have a sense of humour !!!

If you've been putting off visiting a friend or family member, maybe things have become a little strained for any such relationship lately, then visit them or phone them, the interaction is likely to go very well.

If you've been meaning to put some special time aside for your love partner, then you must do it now today on this very Sunday, drop everything else you can and make them the centre of your universe, you will have a beautiful day that shall live on in both your memories !

So this has been your angel oracle tarot fortune reading for Sunday the 12th of June 2016. 

If this reading has helped you today and you'd like a personal session with me, please visit the buy a reading tab and or send me an email.

You can also cross my palm with gold by donating any amount, simply go to the sidebar and you will see a donate button ...


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