FREE Daily Angel Cards Reading Wednesday 8th June 2016

This is your free daily angel cards reading for Wednesday the 8th of June 2016. 

Usually I like to shuffle the cards on web-camera but as beautiful as they are, they slip and slide all over the place, so I gave them a really good shuffle off camera and selected the first two cards at the top of the deck pile.

The first card for todays free angels cards reading is Eight of Raphael, the card has written on it There is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest. 

Perhaps you've been wanting to make a change in your life, an alteration that you're sure will make your life happier and easier but up until now you haven't put the wheel of change in motion, well today is a very good today to make that change! 

If it's your work life and you're no longer happy with your current job, then set some time aside to apply for at least one new job each and every day.

If it's your love life - maybe you're in a relationship that you know is going nowhere and you've been meaning to lovingly consciously uncouple (Gwyneth Paltrow I love the way you make use of the English language lol) then now is the time to let go in the full trust that a better relationship will manifest for you and your soon to be ex!

The second card is the Page of Raphael, upon this card is written Gentle, Loving, Dreamy, Openhearted and also a new emotional situation! messages regarding relationships or social invitations. Great intuitive insights.

Arch Angel Raphael is the angel that most represents healing, so today really is about softly and kindly healing any area of your life that has gone awry lately. Both these cards through the wise wisdom of Raphael invite you to concentrate on the spiritual circumstances of your life today and who knows you may even be asked out on a date today hence that something better waiting may just be your Mr or Miss Right.

This has been your free daily angel cards reading for Wedneday 8th June 2016, I hope you get that date!

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