FREE Daily Angel Oracle Pendulum Reading Friday 17th June 2016

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Now to todays pendulum dowsing session! There's a family member of mine that lately I've been wondering about whether to contact or not - now no argument or falling out or even a conscious parting of ways has taken place, it's just that we've drifted apart ... So I felt that this would make for a very important and useful question to ask the universe via the pendulum, not just for me, myself and moi - but also for all you lovely jubbly bubbly ladies and absolutely gorgeous gentlemen watching this video today on Friiday the 17th of June 2016 !!!

I have several pendulums but this rainbow dowsing tool 9 times out of 10 tends to "behave itself" by giving a clear and easily discernible answer! I also have some special specific subject related pendulum boards - these are not to be confused with a Ouija board - though I'm not entirely against the Ouija (they're very much misrepresented in the movie business - I don't believe they're bad, though I digress ...).

I always like to write the question I'm asking to the universe on a piece of paper (particularly if it's for a video or client/s). Of course I ask the quest out aloud as many times as I see fit and am guided to do. The yes and no directions are already written upon the board, so I made sure to let the pendulum know which direction is yes and which is no.

Once this had been done it was time for the reading to commence! I kept my hand as steady as possible and tried to keep my mind solely upon the question which I repeated a few times during the reading. The pendulum began to stir a little immediately and the direction it was swinging in became more and more obvious !!!

The pendulum indeed is telling any one who is watching this video today (on the 17th June 2016) that you should indeed make contact with an estranged family member this weekend - and it's telling me too ... so I've pencilled it in my diary for 2 days time, to phone up that special someone! 

This has been your free daily angel oracle pendulum reading for Friday June the 17th 2016, I hope you enjoyed it and it has helped resolve a pressing question in your mind !

Positive vibes from me to you x


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