FREE Daily Angel Oracle Tarot I-Ching Fortune Reading Friday June 10th 2016

Hello and welcome to your free - bie daily angel oracle tarot I-Ching Fortune Reading for Friday the 10th of June 2016. I'm so excited to do a reading with these cards which are based on the 64 hexagrams that make up the timeless and age old wisdom of the I-Ching!


I give the cards a quick shuffle and immediately the first card for todays reading makes itself known to us! and not to much time later the second seemingly flies from the deck ...

Ta Ch'u is the the Great Taming Force and it's the 26th hexagram. Before you can get to the mountain at the top, that metaphorical summit you've been wishing to reach, you have to take a look at what is arresting your progress what is stopping you from achieving the things you'd very much like to see progress with in your life? Perhaps whats preventing and blocking success is your shadow self. Today the I-Ching is advising you to hold you to tame your tongue and control your temper!

Wei Chi is the second card selected by the universe for todays daily card reading and it's the 64th and final hexagram. To obtain and reach brightness and beauty - all the things in your life that are illuminating and good, you need to overcome the pit and danger due to the first card I intuit that the pit and danger in this case are the parts of yourself deep within your own psyche that are holding you back.

So be on your guard today against speaking inappropriately, if things don't go your way, ask yourself how you are contributing to any unsatisfactory outcome and what you can learn from this and yourself. Accept your darker self but don't let it cloud your judgement or your day.

This has been your free daily angel oracle tarot I-Ching Fortune Reading for Friday the 10th of June 2016. 

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