FREE Daily Oracle / Tarot Reading - Saturday 18th June 2016

This is your FREE daily oracle / tarot cards reading for Saturday June the 18th 2016. If you'd like to have a private reading with me, please contact me by email, or go to the buy a reading tab @ the top of this page!  I do accept donations via the button with the same name, so if you like my peculiarly alluring website and videos, then you can give any amount, large or small.

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So let's concentrate on what the oracle/tarot cards have to impart to us today on Saturday the 18th of June 2016! The cards I'm using for this reading tend to jump a lot, so I gave them a good shuffle before starting the video and also cut the deck several times. Then I continue to shuffle once the (web) camera is rolling! 


The first card to fall from the deck is feeling alone and the second card reinforces the feeling tone of todays oracle by appearing as helpless and hopeless.

Perhaps you've been spending too much time indoors on your own lately, maybe you've even been saying to yourself that you've become a bit of a hermit. Well this card has surfaced today, to remind you that you need to get out and about and socialise in the real offline world. If you've moved to a new area, city or even country, it can feel quite odd for a while until you make new friends and sometimes we can close in on ourselves without even realising it. When you're feeling like this it's best to admit to yourself that you're feeling lonely - as that's the first step you need climb, on your way up the staircase to new friendships!

I've had times during my 40+ years here on earth, when I've felt absolutely helpless and hopeless, some times dark feelings of despondency would set in and I'd feel that every thing is meaningless - I think the famous melancholy book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible, was written by someone who was feeling exactly the same way!!!.

However when we're @ our lowest ebb, our depressed state of mind can only get better and improve, the darkest hour is just before the dawn and all that - but it's true. So if you're feeling really down and blue affirm to yourself right now that "my mood can only get better, lighter and brighter" in fact go and stand in front of a mirror and repeat this powerful affirmation until you start to believe it and feel a shift towards self help and self hope.

If you're spending most of your spare time on social media and find yourself sat on your own throughout the day while conversing with "friends" online, then ask yourself if this cyber version of friendship is real or just an illusion !?! or will it benefit you emotionally to get out and about in the three dimensional flesh and blood world where there are real human beings in real time!

If you relate to todays cards because a love relationship has broken down and is no more, it's only natural to feel sad and hermetic, however please don't let this go on for too long, have a few down days and then pick yourself up, dust yourself up and start again because Cinderella it's time for you to go back to the ball ...

This has been your free daily oracle / tarot cards reading for Saturday June the 18th 2016, I hope it's helped you!

Peace and positive vibes from Ruby x

*Photos where smartphones and tablets have been removed from the image - I can't find the original photos by this photographer that had the devices in them - though I'm sure you'll get the point that Erik Pickersgill is making!


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