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This is your FREE daily tarot cards reading! However I do willingly accept donations, so if you'd like to contribute a little or large amount then if you're viewing this webpage on a pc the donate button is on the right sidebar towards the bottom and if you're accessing this website on a smartphone or tablet, it's @ the bottom of the site!

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So for todays free daily tarot cards reading I am using a modern feel good deck, I have shuffled the cards off camera and picked the two cards from the top of the deck. Now remember that no matter what the date of this tarot video recording and the date of this blog post, if you have happened upon this page and this very reading, then these beautiful tarot cards do indeed have a message for you!

The first card I turn over is the King of Wands this card signifies that you're feeling very powerful @ the moment, you're wanting to have lots of challenges or even if you don't want challenges you don't mind tackling them full on! You're probably feeling very business like and entrepreneurial to the degree that your feelings and imaginings have actually transmuted in to physical actions ... because this card tells us you're a go getter, you're not the sort of person just to talk the talk, you're actually walking the walk !!!

You may have been wondering whether to go for it @ work and ask for a raise or apply for a higher position, well this card is encouraging you to put this desire in to practice by doing just these things.

The strength card is a brilliant card to accompany the King of Wands because this upright figure sat upon a horse exudes strength! However sometimes when you feel really driven to achieve a desired end, you perhaps also need to remember to be courageous and patient whilst your dreams and desires enhanced by your own hard work are still manifesting in the ethereal world - the strength card has been drawn to remind you of this!

This has been your very own free daily tarot cards reading, I very much hope it has helped you along your life journey!

Best vibes from Ruby Romina x 


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