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This is a FREE oracle card reading just for you, so if you've found your way to this page, then the universe wishes to give you a message through the cards and via this video reading! I do accept donations, so if you're feeling especially generous the donate button is on the right sidebar or towards the bottom of the page if you're accessing this site using a smart phone or tablet device.

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I start this free oracle card reading by giving the cards a gentle shuffle (as I've already shuffled and cut the deck several times before the video reading began). The first card as if by magick leapt out of the deck and so too for that matter did the second!

Orphaned is the first card to manifest for this reading and blessed is the second. There's definitely a melancholy feeling tone to this reading, flavoured with the light @ the end of the tunnel vibration!

The energy I'm getting around the orphaned card is a literal one as well as a metaphorical understanding of the orphaned theme. If you have recently (or for that matter some time ago) lost a parent or both parents, then you're probably very much experiencing great feelings of sadness, longing and even an emptiness and void that can never be replaced - I guess it's true that when (a) parent/s die, they can never be replaced. 

When we grieve the loss of parents, or other family members or even dear friends, it's perfectly natural to feel sad and even depressed. It's important to accept these feelings as part and parcel and a symptom of grief and loss. Allow yourself to feel these feelings - do not berate and tell yourself off, over time you will start to feel a little better and a little less sad. One day you may even progress to knowing that you will always miss this special person and even become used to missing them.

A lovely friend of mine, said something so profound to me, when I lost a very special someone - now I don't think she was trying to be deep and meaningful but that's when spirit works the best through people!

She said words to the affect of "Some people go a little bit before you would expect them to and some people go about the time you would expect and others linger on for a lot longer than most would anticipate possible. When ever we lose someone no matter when they passed, we need to try our best to feel lucky to have known them".

Are you crying while reading this? Well good because tears are therapeutic and all part of the healing process. Tears are also welling up in my own eyes as it brings back memories for me of a very raw, emotional and vulnerable time ...

"We need to try our best to feel lucky you have known them" this is why the blessed card is so relevant in conjunction with the first. Now it may well be that you're not mourning the physical death of a loved one but instead perhaps you are getting or are now recently divorced or a relationship that was once the one you thought was going to last, is no more. 

Whether it's the death of someone or of a relationship It's so important to remember that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. Try to feel grateful for that person who has passed over to the other side or your ex who may now be in a new relationship. Every one who we have a special bond with has something to teach us or some kind of message. Try to work out what that wonderful person taught you, what did you learn about love and friendship and human nature?

Another useful tool that you can use when you're missing someone, is you're own mind. This technique is very powerful - close your eyes and instead of trying to remember that person, simply concentrate and go back there, go back in time in your mind, it's a bit like astral projecting back to the past. Try to really feel those special times and occasions with that person, feel the air, feel the laughter, hear their voice and yours, feel the love ...

This has been a special free oracle card reading just for you and you're broken heart, which over time really will mend. 

Love from Ruby x 


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