FREE Oracle Reading For Sunday 19th June 2016

This is your free daily oracle reading for Sunday the 19th of June 2016, I do however accept donations, so if you'd like to donate a small amount then the donate button is easy to locate!

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For todays reading I'm using charms. I have given them a good mix up and stir before the reading but as you can see in the video I also stir them around again. So the 2 charms that I picked out with my eyes closed for todays reading is a star charm and an owl charm, so there's obviously a bit of a night time theme going on for this reading!

Stars are associated with divine cosmic guidance from the universe itself! So please take notice of any occurrences today and particularly this evening and tonight that may seem like a little coincidence, it however may be a GIANT hint from the universe as to what course of action to follow if you've been feeling a little confused lately - after all the stars have been used for navigational purposes since the time of Christopher Columbus and before ...

Owls are also prevalent during the nocturnal hours - but lets take some time here to ponder the qualities of an owl. Well they quietly watch and wait for their prey but they also are great observers and have an undeniable quality of wisdom about them. Therefore it's important to be the observer in a situation, even if you feel like ranting and raving you must keep your emotions in check and listen more than speak!

You may also be asked out on a date sometime today or this evening and the date may occur tonight or sometime soon - though in all profitability within the next week!

On a warning note if you are going out tonight please be sensible and don't walk home on your own tonight or when ever your next date night will be, whether it's with a guy or your just venturing out with the girls.

This has been your free daily oracle reading for Sunday the 19th of June 2016.


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