Summer Solstice African Bone Oracle Reading

It's June the 21st today, so this your FREE Summer Solstice African Bone Oracle Reading! If you'd like to have a 1-2-1 bone reading with me, please contact me by email or go to the buy a reading tab. I do accept donations (via the donate button on this website) so any amount, even tiny or huge is always gladly received by moi! 

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I'm pretty sure that the Celts or the Stonehenge-ites (just made that one up but it sounds quite good doesn't it!!!) the folk that erected the stones @ Stonehenge and their generations after most certainly used bones as a form of divination and guidance - as did their even more distant ancestors originally from Africa!

So I ask the bones to tell us what we should bear in mind for the solstice today! Interestingly, after giving the (plastic) bones a good shaking, the large bone lands entirely within the aspect of the Earth realm and the smaller bone lands to intersect the Earth, Plant and Animal realms, however it's pointing towards the Earthly aspect, hence basic but carnal issues dominate this summer solstice. High and low and very intense emotions such as love - it's polar opposite hate - and all unchecked base emotions in between are very likely to be prevalent today within yourself and others around you!

We must guard against any sort of extreme emotion, whether it be directed @ your children, your significant other or even work companions. If you feel distrust towards your partner try not to explode in to a jealous rage as by tomorrow these overpowering feelings are very likely to have subsided!

Due to the fact that the smaller bone landed on an intersection of all three aspects, the plant realm hints that you may also have concerns at work but again I'd advise you not to approach your boss or your co-workers today, especially if it's about an issue that's really bugging you today but hasn't before now! 

Lastly the plant aspect again suggests and reinforces that family life may be of concern today, though I'd say to be wise and hold your counsel otherwise it may be you who is the cause of any family friction on this special astrological day!

This has been your Summer Solstice African Bone Oracle Reading, I hope it helps you throughout the day and remember to STAY CALM!

Peace and positive vibes from me to you x


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