UK EU Membership Referendum Day Oracle Reading - 23rd June 2016

This a FREE Oracle Reading - especially for the UK EU membership referendum - which takes place today on Thursday the 23rd of June 2016.

This is a historic event, not just for the UK but obviously the EU and beyond, so let's see what the oracle numbers dice have to tell us about the vibrational energy in the UK today ...

I give the first dice a good shake and ask the universe to tell us what we need to know the first dice is a 5 - it landed on the difficulties and relax area of the dice mat and the second is 3 and it landed on the activity area of the mat. The 5 and 3 area is relax.

As it's referendum day here in the UK perhaps the prime activity today is to go and vote, no matter which outcome you desire! As the 5 landed between the difficulties and relax area, it may well be that people in the UK may in part have a difficult day - when everyone has a strong opinion, one way or another - nerves and tempers can be frayed, so we must remember to respect other peoples points of views!

However relax is the dominator for this reading, so sort out any problems and difficulties today and then do your best to relax and don't worry about the outcome as Que Sera Sera (what ever will be will be). Go out and take a walk or do some meditation, have an extra long bath or what ever makes you feel the most chilled out!

Have a relaxed referendum day today! Positive vibes from me to you x


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