Why Is He So DISTANT ? Pick A Card

Why Is He Suddenly Acting 
So Emotionally Distant?

For this timeless why is he so distant? pick a card reading, you will discover once and for all if that oh so dashingly handsome he or sumptuously sexy she is being sooooo emotionally distant towards you for good reason or if they don't feel the same way as you about the relationship ... 

Can your relationship that once seemed so romantic be repaired? Do you need to work on your relationship? Or is your relationship on it's last legs and doomed ultimately to failure ... 

Now all you need to do as the willing viewer for this video reading, is decide which one of the two cards you feel the most drawn to, perhaps the card on the left has for some inexplicable reason attracted your eyes to it or is your gaze fixed on the card on the right, please go for the card which first drew you to it … no umming and ahhing - be decisive !!!

You can either watch the full video or if you are pushed for time then you can move the video along to the time stamp points below …

I also roll a dice for each card, so even if you receive an answer from the grand cosmos that you'd rather not hear, you will still take a lucky number away with you from this why is he so distant pick a card reading …         

Please remember that this tarot cards reading is timeless so it doesn't matter the date and time that you watch this video - it will still hold importance, relevance and significance for your particular relationship situation …                                                                                      

Peace, positivity, prosperity and passion be with you always, best wishes from Ruby Romina x

πŸ•Š️ Dice 1 = 1:50 πŸ•Š️

πŸ•Š️  Blooper 2:04 πŸ•Š️

πŸ•Š️ Dice 2 = 3:12 πŸ•Š️

πŸ•Š️ Card 1 = 4:08 πŸ•Š️
πŸ•Š️ Card 2 = 9:23 πŸ•Š️

LEGAL DISCLAIMER - This reading is for entertainment only !!!


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