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If on a phone, open me in Chrome / Safari & hold me in landscape / horizontal ~ And remember to bookmark RubyRomina.Com to your computer desktop or save this site to your laptop / ipad / tablet or smart phone homescreen, so you can visit this website when ever you need a reading.

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If you need to have a reading - but I am not available - here are 3 highly recommended websites where you will be able to get a top quality reading !!!


On this webpage you can scroll down to find all the marvellous ways I offer my independent psychic, oracle and tarot readings to the one and only awesome you ...

Readings Via Audio Call

 Available Now 
 11.55hrs - 16.00hrs UK /GMT
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 I am very pleased to now offer my readings via browser pay per minute audio calls - this is similar to a phone call, apart from the conversation and reading between you and I will happen through your browser and my browser as opposed to a landline telephone or mobile cell phone line ...

All you need to do is open up this website / webpage on the Google Chrome web browser, on either your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, click the Call Me On Eagle Dial Now button below and follow the very easy peasy instructions from there - I look forward to doing a reading for you using this great new web technology ... 

 Call Me On Eagle Dial Now 


Readings Via Skype

You can also buy a live Skype audio or typed chat reading with me at -

Or alternatively, you can purchase a Skype reading with me, with this link

Or Search On Skype For

Psychic  Readings With Ruby Romina


Readings Via YouTube

You can find out how to buy video readings delivered to you on YouTube, by going to this page on this website -

Or You Can Buy A YouTube on demand video reading on this page here on RubyRomina.Com


Customer Reviews

5) Cathy Try Ruby for a Skype reading, she types very fast and even gave me some extra minutes of her time for free ★★★★★ 

4) Dawn Ruby Romina has become a personal advisor that I use when I feel I need some unbiased emotional support! ★★★★★

3) Alice Ruby doesn't need birth dates and other information, she tells you exactly what the tarot wants you to know ★★★★★

2) Joanna Thanks Ruby for a great reading x ★★★★★

1) Marie Thank you so much Ruby for your insight and the way you sensitively approached how to tell me that it was time to let go of a situation that was stealing my energy from me ★★★★★


All oracle readings and services I provide are for entertainment purposes only, they are not a replacement for formal medical, psychological, psychiatric, financial, emotional and any other professional advice. 

Although the oracle readings I offer will give you guidance you must always exercise your own logic and rationale. 

In no way will I be liable for any damages due to any course of action you may take as a result of an oracle reading I give. 

Furthermore to have an oracle or tarot card reading with me you must -

i) Be 18 or over ii) Pay for the oracle reading before it takes place iii) Choose whether you wish the reading to be via Skype, phone or recorded video iv) Accept a time and date for the reading which is agreeable to us both v) Submit your name, gender and date of birth plus any question/s at the time of purchasing a reading with me vi) Accept that refunds can't be given. 

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