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Wednesday 15th June 2016 

oday I'm really excited to do my first ever video tea leaf reading. If you'd like to have reading with me, please go to the buy a reading page!

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Tea leaves have been used for fortune telling and divination since the 17th century and probably even before, the art of tea leaf interpretation gained in popularity in the 18th century when it was widely used by Gypsies and other travelling people and is still used in the 21st century by fortune tellers around the globe, I am one such fortune teller ...

Earl Grey is the classic morning drink, so I decided to use this lovely flavoursome aromatic blend of tea for todays reading. I intuitively felt that I should write the question down on a piece of paper and set it alongside both the teapot and the tea cup and saucer, I also felt it wise to actually speak out aloud and put it into the ether, my question - which was "Tell us about the UK EU Remain or Leave Referendum?"

I pour the tea from the pot into the generously large cup, I was concerned that the loose tea leaves were going to stick to the bottom of the teapot but the universe came to my rescue and the tea leaves poured through the spout of the teapot during the last moments of the pouring!

I started to drink the tea while in a relaxed way thinking about the question ...

After some time had passed and I'd consumed the yummy Earl Grey, with only a little water remaining in the cup, I swished the cup round and round and then turned the cup upside down and I left it to sit that way for a few minutes.

I tapped the cup and then turned the cup upright again so it was sitting comfortably in the saucer!

I l@@ked inside the bowl of the cup and soon could clearly see what could easily be interpreted as being the UK land mass and further more there was what could also easily be deduced as representing the European / EU geo political area ... yay the universe and providence indeed heard my question !!!

It took a short while for me to notice a rider sat on a horse! Because the horse and it's rider were facing westwards or away from the European land mass, I interpret this to mean that the UK is highly likely to part ways with the EU, it's as if Britain will be galloping off to pastures new or put another way, the UK is going to trade more easily with parts of the world other that Europe. 

After some time of carefully turning the cup to glimpse images, quite near the horse and rider, I also noticed a plane. Interestingly I noticed that the plane was also facing west and away from the EU. Again I take this to mean even more strongly that the UK on the balance of probabilities will vote to leave the UK. The plane may also represent capital flight - money and assets may flow from Britain quite quickly if we do indeed vote for Brexit!

The final notable image I saw in the cup was the side profile of a man with an axe in his hand, hovering over the EU landmass. This may be a portent that the powers that be in Brussels and the European Union in general will have an axe to grind if the UK does break away from the EU on Thursday the 23rd of June 2016.

I really enjoyed doing this reading, well the universe and the tea leaves did all the hard work really !!! If you'd like to have a private 1-2-1 tea leaf reading with me, please contact me by email - just go to the contact me page on this site!

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Peace and positive vibes from me to you x


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REMAIN v's BREXIT - Tea Leaves Fortune Telling Reading

Wednesday 15th June 2016  T oday I'm really excited to do my first ever video tea leaf reading. If you'd like to have readi...

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