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A True Online Dating Love Story 

You can join the following dating site
as recommended by Ruby Romina -

1) General online dating FunnyLoveDating.Com 

2) Niche online dating site SpiritualSingles.Com

Niche online dating app AlignAstrology.Com

3) Serious relationship dating websites
eHarmony.Com (US) eHarmony.Com (Canada)
Match.Com (Ireland)

However if you're not ready to join an online dating site or sign up to a dating app, bookmark this web page and come back when you are ready!


Even though there are hundreds if not thousands of online dating articles that you can read - what sets this online dating blog post article apart from the others, is that because Ruby Romina Dot Com concentrates on spirituality, self improvement, personal growth and happiness etc, the whole subject of finding love via the internet, is going to have a decidedly new age, tarot flavour!

There are many many women, who during the course of a tarot cards reading with me, will keep mentioning that they feel stuck in their love life or to be more exacting, they feel stuck in their lack of a love life ... now if these just said words, resonante with you, if you can imediately identify with these words and feel rather deflated and dejected because you too also feel that your love life has stalled - because your love life is non existent - at the moment, then read or listen on ...

Due to this digital new age and the world wide web that it is now upon us, the way we do things has drastically changed - we no longer send our family and friends letters and postcards - we message them via social media or by email or text message, we don't buy birthday and Christmas cards much - we use an online card shop or send a text message, we don't go to the supermarket as frequently as we once did - because we buy our food groceries online, we don't eat out at restaurants as much - because we can order take aways via the net that are now delivered to our door ... well, well, well ladies and gentlemen, wouldn't it be a fine thing if Miss Right or Mr Right could also be delivered to our front door ...

Ok well the nearest thing to Miss or Mr Right being delivered to your front door, is Mr or Miss Right being delivered to your email inbox ... because street smart and savy singles - particularly milenials - no longer assume they will necessarily meet the one when they're on a night out with friends ... remember that this is the 21st century after all ... when it comes to meeting the one the default expectation is that you will meet that special person online before you meet then offline. 

Being Single Means You Need To Mingle - Online

Internet dating is now the precursor to offline mating, so if you haven't dipped your toe in to the vast pool of dating apps and dating websites then NOW is the time to become PRO-ACTIVE and use all your knowledge about the law of attraction, by taking action to restore your faltering love life ... you see it's not enough to try and conjure up Miss or Mr Right in your mind and imagination, or to repeatedly say a positive affirmation ... you have to do something practical so that your thoughts start to become manifest ...

So if you've set aside one night per week to go out and paint the town red with your single friends (or if all of your friends are married or in a commited relationship, so you don't even have any single friends to go out with) and you still haven't found that special person who gives you butterflies and that dizzy feeling, then now's the time to take heed of a famous definition of "Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" ... yes IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE ...

Finding Your Adam Or Eve

So you've had a recent Tarot or Oracle Reading and perhaps the universe orchestrated that the 8 of wands card plus the ace of cups card put in an appearance for you during the said reading - hence suggesting that you take action when it comes to your love life ... 

Or maybe the chariot and the knight of swords showed up for your reading, thus the Tarot beckoned you to drive your love life forward without delay ...

You see the universe is gently whispering to you, telling you that it's time for you to be happy - happiness isn't selfish (as long as it isn't at the expense of someone else's happiness) - God, the Universe or Evolution (depending on your religious, spiritual or scientific point of view) intended for Eve to have her Adam and so by taking a few positive practical steps, AKA joining a dating site or signing up to a dating app - and with a little pinch of good luck from providence and a dash of positive expectation on your part, on the balance of probabilities, you will likely increase your chances of finding your Adam or Eve too.

 Adam & Eve Pic Courtesy Of Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle

So where do you start when it comes to the world wide web world of internet dating? after all there are so many dating websites and dating apps ... so which dating service do you choose? which are the best dating sites ... well that dear reader or listener will be a matter of your own personal preferences ... You could choose to sign up to a -

1) General online dating website or app

2) Niche online dating site or app

3) Serious relationship dating website or app

Oh and of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other, perhaps to start with, you could sign up to a general online dating app or dating site, have a few dates (remember to stay safe and tell someone where you are going, who you will be meeting and meet this person in a public place and prior to the said date, arrange transport to get back home) ... 

Then once you have gained confidence, if Cupid missed when he shot his arrow first time, you could then sign up to a niche dating app or dating website - for instance you are reading or listening to this article, so chances are you have an interest in spirituality and metaphysics, so you could sign up to a spirituality niche online dating site or app ...

Alternatively you could be at a stage in your life where you deeply desire to get married or settle down with that special person - well if that's your hearts burning yearning, then now's the time to sign up to a serious relationship minded dating app or dating site ...

Though if you'e not ready to join an online dating site or sign up to a dating app, bookmark this web page and come back when you're ready!

How Long Will It Take To Find My Ideal Partner Via Online Dating?  

Or we could instead ask "How long is a piece of string"? You see you might get really lucky, the first person to respond to your online dating profile might be the one, they may just be your perfect romantic companion ... voila there he or she is, digitally waiting for you, in your online dating site or dating app message box or in your email inbox! 

Though don't be disheartened if you have to meet many a fellow or fellowess before you hit the soulmate lottery (as the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to kiss your prince or princess ...) but as long as you promise yourself that you will continue to explore the digital metropolis of online dating, with enough positive expectation and determination, eventually you're bound to get lucky and happen upon the one.

An Online Dating & Offline Mating True Story

OK ladies and gentlemen I'm going to end this blog post article with a true story about a good friend of mind - Steve ... 

Steve found himself single again after an acrimonious divorce, however he was determined to not let the fact that his first marriage had broken down ... and his second ... instead he metaphorically took hold of the chariot reigns and drove those sphinxes forward to where he wanted to be ... in a serious relationship ... 

For a while it seemed as though he was doing a metaphorical 2 of pentacles circus juggling act, meeting women for lunch dates in between his demanding work breaks ... 

At times Steve felt the metaphorical dejection of the 5 of cups when it was clear that the lovely lady he had met for lunch, didn't think he was so lovely - or that he knew the woman he met up with and himself, had nothing in common - or that there just wasn't that spark ...

Love Comes To She & He Who Believe 

Then when Steve was just about to give up with the whole internet dating scene, he decided to give it one last chance ... and another last chance ... and another last chance ...

But on one fine overcast, cloudy, windy and rainy day, while Steve was at work, he had a quick sneaky peak at the ladies on the dating site he was signed up to ... and he decided that he rather liked the look of Sharon ... in fact he liked the way she looked a lot ... and her profile description was lighthearted and funny, so Steve clicked the like button on Sharons online dating website profile and he immediately took action by sending her a message via the said dating site ...

Steve and Sharon met a few days later during their respective work lunch breaks ... they both felt that ace of cups ripple of new love ...

They both felt an undeniable and unexplainable sense of familiarity, even though it was the first time they had met ... they both felt those butterflies, they both had that oh so dizzy feeling! 

Tarot Images Courtesy Of The Golden Thread Tarot

Steve had finally met his Eve, his Princess Charming, his Queen of Cups, his soulmate!

And Sharon had also finally met her Adam, her Prince Charming, her King of Cups, her Soulmate!

And to cut a long story short - even to this present day - Sharon and Steve are happily married ... to each other ... 

The End 


Ruby Romina is a Writer and Tarot Reader - you can have a typed chat reading with Ruby at PsychicWorld.Com telephone reading with Ruby at Psychics.Com and you can have a video reading with Ruby at DumSpiroSpero.World



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