Amira's Love Oracle Cards Review

Amira's Love Oracle Cards Review - This lovely deck has been channeled by Amira Celon, who is a well known love adviser and card reader

I was immediately drawn to this deck of cards due to the modern and very attractive and eye catching artistry and themes that this particular deck of cards portray. There are forty four cards in total the art on each card is very high quality and it appears to have been brought in to being by the same artist, which in my humble opinion is always a plus as it's important that the visual elements of the cards are compatible with one another.

For the time being Amira is offering 2 packs of her oracle cards for the price of 1, so it's a great bargain and I'd recommend you order these gorgeous cards before the offer ends!

The cards come in a light green and pink box, however like the actual cards themselves, the boxing is not that robust and sturdy and you will probably need (and want) to use a tarot / oracle purse to store them in instead. So I will admit that I was a little disappointed with the boxes the cards are packaged in as they were a bit battered. When the cards need to be reprinted, it would be prudent if Amira insists that the cards are printed on grade A card stock (Hay House quality!).

How ever the positive far outweighs any minor flaws! What I like the most about Amira's love oracle cards are that they're very person-centric plus multi cultural which in todays diverse world is always a good thing (there are so many oracle cards on the market with depictions of people on them and none of them look @ all like moi!, lol).

So some of the cards include ice king, ice queen, mature male, mature female, blonde female - but she looks more like a red haired lass! - and there's also fair male, brunette female (she looks brown skinned and a bit like me!) and dark male (who looks to be of African descent).

As it's a love focused deck there are obviously love focused cards, including communication, past love, new love, obstacles, dating, passion, true love and union (though there were 2 exactly the same union cards ... oh well it's always good to have a spare!).

I do believe that Amira really did channel these cards because the few readings I have done with them have been spot on and furthermore I seem to immediately know what the cards mean in relation to each other as a collective during a reading, so I don't need to look @ the guide book for any answers.

Ah yes the guide book - well its quite small and each card is defined succinctly, however my one little grumble is that the card definitions are not set out in the book in alphabetic or numeric order which would (if needs be) make looking them up a bit hap hazard.

In spite of a few things that need modifying the next time a run of these cards are manufactured, the artwork and intuitive and eerily accurate readings the cards give definitely make this deck well worth purchasing and I highly recommend Amira's Love Oracle cards for professional oracle consultations. 


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