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For this arch angel tarot card reading I have used lovely Doreen Virtues gorgeous Archangel Power Tarot Cards. These cards and more importantly, the angels are always uncannily accurate - but they would be wouldn't they !?! because the Angels themselves are always highly sensitive psychic beings of light ...

I always use 2 cards - because they interact with one another in a perfect union of twosomeness (rather like love and marriage!) - plus it's very easy for me to hold up the two cards, while the camera's rolling and not drop either one! However if you're a first time visitor to this site, then welcome ... and you now know I select 2 cards.

Whether or not you've visited this webpage or website by serendipity or design, it's likely that there's some sort of message contained in the accompanying video for this article and mp3 audio, so carry on watching, reading or listening!

As you can see in the clip above, these angel cards seemingly have a life of their own and jump and pop about all over the show, lol, these cards are highly energetic because the angels are making themselves known!

The first card that was brought fourth for this psychic angel readings video session is Eight of Raphael - there is something better waiting for you! Do what you know is right for you. A spiritual quest. The second card to make an appearance in this reading is the Six of Raphael - Embrace your inner child. New friends or rekindled relationships. Children or childhood.

So we have Arch Angel Raphael all to ourselves for this reading! yay, Raphael, the fourth Arch Angel is the angel on high for healing. So if you're here, reading this right now and have just watched the above psychic angel readings clip, then chances are you're in need of some sort of healing, albeit emotional, physical, soulful or spiritual ...

Only you yourself - along with Raphael - can know exactly what type (or indeed which types) of healing you're in need of, but through these cards Raphael seems to suggest that if you've been craving any sort of spiritual quest then now is the time to indulge this yearning. When we take care of our spiritual side, the other areas in our lives seem to interconnect far more cohesively. 

Seeking the spiritual often opens new doors and new perspectives, the important seems more trivial and what was once trite is now far reaching and with certainty you know within the well springs of your healed heart that there is something better waiting for you and of course the magnificent Raphael always knew that from the outset!

Have you been too serious lately? well Raphael is showing you by way of the cards, to loosen up a little and lighten up a lot, embrace your inner child with that type of childhood wonder, where when we were very young, we believed in magic/k and miracles! Raphael wants you to know that the realm of magick and miracles is oh so real ...

They say that the world is a small place, what with the power and stealth of the internet and it's true, it's so much easier to reconnect with childhood or teenage friends we loved and lost contact with. So if you've been thinking about an old friend for quite some time, Raphael is telling you to take the leap of faith - that they too would love to rekindle their friendship of times past with you, NOW in the present! So use social media or or a similar website to find your friend.

The Six Of Raphael card may even indicate that a former romantic love relationship is about to be reignited, it seems the flames of passion never ever fully went out on this relationship, so if you find that you and an ex are inexplicably drawn back together, then you can be sure that Arch Angel Raphael is blowing magickal healing angel dust on you and your twin flame ...

If you like psychic angel readings and you would like one with me, then be sure to book either a Skype to Skype session with me or a recorded video reading with me sent to your email address or alternatively delivered via YouTube.

When you have
a problem in life
or a darling dilemma
always remember my dear
that the angels are near ...

Ruby Romina

Enjoyed this written, visual and audio reading!!! yay, I thought so!
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