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Right then ladies and gentlemen, I know you're very busy @ this oh so seasonal time of year - but take some much needed time out to watch and hear this Christmas message - I sound like the queen don't I ! though if I had to choose one suit to be queen of I think it would be ...

Do you like what I'm wearing in this video? namely the coily springy Santaesque hat!?! well I do aim to please and I hope the merry head gear brings a smile to your lovely face! There's also something else rather striking though not awe inspiring, yes the Christmas tree, no I mean the Witchmas tree! Isn't it cute!?! though @ the same time rather pathetic, well that's pop up Xmas trees for you! it almost looks as though it's stepped out of a cartoon and is going to walk off @ any moment!! ...

Oh and talking about Christmas Trees, I came across a seller on Ebay United Kingdom, called Christmas Trees 4 Life, you can find the link @ the bottom of the page.  Anyway this seller grows various fir trees and pine trees etc in pots and containers. The idea being that instead of buying a real Xmas tree @ the beginning of December and then throwing it away in the early new year, you buy a forever tree. You can buy them in different stages of growth, as you can see in the video, the two I purchased from ChristmasTrees4Life are babies. It's a great idea isn't it! I've always thought it's unethical to throw Christmas trees away, poor things ... well now we can do some thing about it! If you're not in the UK I'm sure that you can find an ethical Xmas tree (seller) on Ebay dot what ever country you reside in!

Doesn't my shweeet lil' cat BB look quite the business, in her Christmas themed cat coat!?! Again I purchased the coat from Ebay and have since bought her more from the same seller because they're so well made and as an extra bonus, they're hand knitted!

The seller is ChristineRainbow and I will leave a link towards the bottom of this page too.

I will quickly add that I'm not getting paid to mention these products, it's just that sometimes you come across an ethical seller or two, so why not give them a free plug!?! 

So lets start this free Christmas Angel cards reading! - I am using Angels Of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce and illustrated by Richard Crookes. As you can see in the video and photo - this deck has a christmasy look and feel to it!. So the cards that have made an entrance in to this reading are Arch Angel Michael - Patience and Arch Angel Raziel - Intuition all the worlds a stage don't you know and perhaps the heavens above are as well).

Arch Angel Michael abounds in healing and protective energy and in this instance, for this reading I will take poetic licence to interpret the patience card to mean that we must send ourselves some self loving tender care by slowing down during the advent period. On this card we see a pyramid, these magnificent man made wonders would have taken much patience to have built. 

Yes we may have a Christmas wish list and another Xmas must get list but we really need to build ourselves up spiritually and emotionally and to calm down and not get stropy if we have to queue for more than five minutes in a shop or supermarket @ this extra busy time of year. Remember to take a few slow and steady breathes and realise that the world will carry on spinning on it's axis, if you don't or can't afford to buy someone their preferred item of choice. 

Let's try and put the materialism of Christmas time on the back burner - we can't have it all and we can't give it all!

Let's also practice the art of patience with our friends and family, perhaps they're a little moody or stressed out due to the financial pressure that Christmas time seems to exert on most of us. Let them know that they don't have to buy you anything @ all, you will still love them just the same, you don't need to exchange gifts as a token of a deep affection, do you !?!

Arch Angel Raziel is abundant in knowledge, wisdom, mysteries, and secrets. Well we've been directed to consider intuition by this Angel and of course the wheel turns full circle because our intuitive sensory perception really is very mysterious isn't it !?!

When we're too immersed in the spendaholic culture that has become Xmas, we're not so easily ably to tap into the wellspring of our own intuition. On this specific card is depicted a person in the lotus position, meditating, Raziel knows how important it is to indulge our mind, body and spirit in this pursuit. 

You will find that by meditating regularly you will be able to pick up on whether any one you know is troubled but putting a brave face on things - and if they are putting on an act - all the worlds a stage - then send them some kind words, give them a hug and ask them if they need a helping hand, after all Christmas time is all about - or should be about Christ energy and I'm sure that Jesus AKA Yeshua would have sat in the lotus position many a time ...

I hope you've enjoyed this free Christmas Angel Cards reading. I do however accept donations , so if you'd like to send a couple o' pennies or a pound or two or four or more my way (I like to Rhyme) then please use the donate button on this site.

Forever Xmas Trees -

Pet Coats - ChristineRainbow


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