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I hope you're enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas time, hasn't it come round again so quickly from last year !?! The months seem to have whizzed by ... as they say, time waits for no wo/man ... So because I don't want to waste yours, lets get this free Yuletide greetings oracle cards reading started!

Tis the season to wear silly hats, tra la la la la la la la la (I think that's the correct amount of la's lol). It's fun though isn't it, to dress up during the season of festive frolics and anyway who says women can't wear a Father Christmas hat and for that matter where's Mother Christmas, we mustn't forget about the spiritual feminine aspect of Xmas time, must we !?!

In the video, for this reading I am using the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor, I love the look and feel of these cards and they do have quite an advent time vibrational energy to them, so this deck is perfect to use @ this very collectively special time of year. Plus, these cards have been designed to be used both sides up, or put another way, Sandra Anne Taylor acknowledges that her Oracle cards should be taken to have a different meaning if they are pulled for a reading in reverse,
I too am very much in agreement with this school of thought within the card reading community!

The two cards that are making a special guest debut appearance are ... drum roll ... Broken Heart and Cornucopia

If the Broken Heart card deeply resonates with how you're feeling @ this moment of your life journey so far, then I hope so very much that your lovely precious heart is already on the mend but if it isn't and it feels that your still healing many wounds, then you must believe and know, that although as mentioned earlier that time waits for no wo/man - father time is also a faithful healer and as every day goes by, you're heart will gain it's strength and you will eventually feel ready to trust love again - if indeed you're heart is sore due to a soured romance ...

However hearts can break for many a reason including perhaps unrequited love or a close platonic friendship may have broken down or even come to an end and of course during the advent period and run up to Xmas, not to mention Christmas day itself, we can feel almost spaced out and lost and lonely even if we have good company but a loved one has gone back to where we all have come from and where we must all return, the other side, or heaven or pure energy ... 

It can devastate our being - particularly @ Christmas time - when we have lost someone who used to be physically near to us ... we must content ourselves in the knowledge that they will always remain dear to us and this can be especially so if someone you love has died or alternatively if someone you care about deeply has emigrated to the other side of the world and you seldom see them any more (though there's always Skype!).

The run up to Xmas and of course the 25th of December is all about connecting so if you're not feeling your happy merry self, then try and get out and about a bit more. Visit your friends or perhaps even do some voluntary work as this can take your mind off things, by doing new things, you create new experiences and opportunities and you may find that you can nurse and repair your heart back to optimum health - and love will come back round for you again, it always does ...

Cornucopia is such a super duper delicious word and Sandra's oracle card represents it's meaning so aesthetically well! It's meaning ties in nicely with the first card, it's as though you're being guided to trust that by learning any lessons from any suffered heart break, you will regain strength and indeed by taking your new found wisdom and utilizing it, you will reap an abundant harvest, this may be new friendships, new romance and other fresh brilliant opportunities that will be ripe for the picking, so to metaphorically speak!

Now if we l@@k @ and interpret these two cards with the Cornucopia being the first card drawn and the Broken Heart being the second, the alternative message being brought forth to us may be that we mustn't hold too much store when it comes to the materialistic over commercialisation cornucopia of Christmas. If we place our trust in material possessions and put all of our energy into acquiring these things for ourselves and others it can result in a broken heart of sorts - it can put us under undue stress and put us in unnecessary debt, it sounds Biblical but even if the Bible and it's controversies is not your thing, there are many gems of wisdom in it and what I'm trying to say, is said better by the one and only Yeshua AKA Jesus! 

"Don't store up treasures here on Earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them ..." The Bible - Mathew 6.19.

So that's it for this mixed media free Yuletide greetings oracle cards reading, I hope that you have enjoyed it and I also hope that it has helped you on your Xmas journey! Remember that all donations in appreciation of this presentation are very warmly received! 


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