FREE New Years Day Tarot Cards Reading

I'm sooo excited to present to you this free new years day tarot cards reading! This special day that comes round once every 365 days always brings us the three A's - ambition, anticipation and aspiration! and consequently I'm sure you have a jumpy zesty zeal about your countenance today!!! 

Oh and remember that I offer 1 - 2 -1 sessions, you can book a spot with me by clicking on the buy a reading tab @ the top of this page! + while I give these readings entirely for free donations are always gratefully received by me, myself and I (lol) and you can find the donate button on the sidebar, mwah.

For todays mini tarot reading I'm using a deck that I recently bought, simply called Jumbo Tarot. I must confess that lately I've felt a little more drawn to tarot so I thought I'd give this large (for the camera to pick up) deck a try! I like the fact that the pictures are a little ethnic and fantasy looking - but now let this free new years eve tarot cards reading begin! 

To make it easier to shuffle while standing up (a feat I haven't taken upon myself to try - up till now, ha ha)
I've only selected the major arcana cards for this session. As you can see in the video the first tarot card to make a grand appearance for your delight, delectation and of course consideration is The Emperor and the second to make a magnificent entrance is my favourite in the whole pack, The Magician.

New Years Emperor -atic Energy 

Emperors in a classical archetypal sense, represent the regal, the fair, the judicial and the wise and in the tapestry of the tarot landscape this card can also be interpreted to hint that @ times one ought to put the head over the heart, sometimes you and I and everyone else should lend more weight and justification to the logical, it should take centre stage while the emotional ought to decidedly remain in the background, peaking through the velvet curtains of a particular situation.

So in relation to this first day of this new born year, the Emperor is reminding us to be logical in our new years resolution/s and promises to ourselves and to others today - and during the next few weeks of January. Lets not put upon ourselves improbable and unnecessary burdens that no matter how much we may want to affect a positive outcome for, will drain us of our energies and distract us from fulfilling more important and realistic endeavours and pursuits. Plus lets be mindful that self sabotage lurks in the murky shadows of our psyches unless we are so highly in tune with our subconscious and super subconscious that we have overcome the tendency to disrupt our own good intentions.

Cast Some New Years Magickal Magician Luck Today & Beyond!

The reason the Magician is my favourite character in the land of tarot, is because within the strata of my higher self my very being understands only too well that if I really truly madly deeply desire something, I can transfer it from the fourth dimensional ether to the solid third dimension or put another way, if I believe it I can achieve it. However this is not my ego that speaks, in fact if anything the ego, yours and mine tends to think the opposite but I think most if not all of us can and do indeed identify with the fact that we all have a little of the magician in us, just waiting to bubble, bubble to the surface ... but not toil and trouble (I adore the works of William Shakespeare!).

Tarot 3D

It's so easy peasy to replicate the stance of the Magician on the first card of the major arcana. Raise your arm up in the air as high as you can and declare your aims, ambitions, goals, hopes & dreams, proclaim each and everyone to the cosmos, go on do it now ... it's wonderful to feel all goose-pimply isn't it!?! It's the universes way of telling you that if you carry on affirming in this oh so delightfully magickal way, you will indeed receive the very things that @ the moment you wish for - and how exciting is that! 

If you're a tarot student or reader, you can even hold the Magician tarot card in your hand whilst having your arm raised up and declare your positive intentions! - and if you don't have any tarot cards @ hand you can hold a (small) Bible in your hands, or a crystal or even a crystal wand if you have one, you get my gist!  

So I hope the wise counsel of these two cards during this free new years day tarot cards reading will help you weed out any resolutions that will be counter productive and trick your subconscious mind, in a similar way to an unwise Emperor - who a long time ago in the far away land of Hans Christian Anderson - was tricked in to believing he was wearing new clothes (whilst in reality being a naked fool). 

Though simultaneously I hope you're guided to infuse your achievable plans with the same power and might as a wise old Magician that left his mark many moons ago in the age of Arthur, you may've heard of him - Merlin was his name and magick was his fame! Go on turn your hopes and dreams into the story stuff of legends ...

New years peace and positive vibes from me to you, love from Ruby x


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