FREE New Years Eve Oracle Cards Reading

This is your totally free new years eve oracle cards reading, yes this is the three hundredth and sixty fifth day of the year but before you take lock and stock of the last 365 days to have made their way in to the now near past, take some much needed Christmas respite time out, to see what the cards have to say to you before the momentum of this celebrated day and night takes hold!

I do personal one to one angel and oracle card readings and I also offer other readings using an array of other tools, so take a look around this unique website!

For this freebie reading, I'm using the lovely Tori Hartman's equally lovely Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, wonderfully illustrated by the late great Gretchen Raisch-Baskin.         

So what are the lessons that this year has taught us? as we go through life our experiences and our desires, hopes, dreams and even disappointments are great teachers aren't they!?!

As I shuffle the cards one very quickly pops out of the deck and then a short while later the second does the same, these cards are so beautiful that their very beauty transmutes in to magick, in as much as the correct message is selected for us by higher energies.

The first chakra card is self worth and the second is prayer

Self Worth

So today on new years eve ask yourself if throughout the year you allowed yourself to not play small when we start working on our own self development and when we resolutely promise that we are no longer going to put ourselves last, sometimes unfortunately some people nearest and dearest to us feel a little uncomfortable @ our transformed self, but to coin a phrase from the wonderful Abiola Abrams we mustn't play small! Self worth is about allowing your self to love and just as importantly to be loved.

It's hard to travel on our path through out our life journey with grace, ease and poise and without stumbling many a time, if we don't harness the power of self worth. 

Interestingly as is often the case the small picture becomes an interwoven tapestry of a bigger art piece and this is very evident when we look back @ this year and the fact that human kind is on the move. Just as was the case in the very distant past when our ancestors emerged from Africa and set sail and foot on seas and lands a new! This year however has shown that most of us have overcome our more selfish base selves, we have realised that our own self worth is interconnected with everyone else's own self worth.

You Own Your Own Beliefs!

Do you have a faith? are you a religious person? of course faith can take the form of belief systems other than Christianity and the other mainstream religions. Perhaps you're a Wican or a Pagan, or even still maybe you believe what ever YOU believe in and it doesn't fit in to one particular box or another! Thinking out of the box is always a good thing! as opposed to adopting a belief system that others insist is the truth and then adopting it as your own belief system, so be confident to think out of the box a little or a lot, lol!!!


Has this past year been a year of prayerful utterings and musings? or perhaps you've been praying in a more subtle even subconscious way through your thoughts, wishes and positive affirmations! Has this been a year where you've utilised the powerful medium of prayer to God or even if you don't believe in God or Gods, you can pray by fixing your mind on the BIG OUTDOORS or via calming meditative pursuits etc ...

Again back to the macro, the refuge crisis may have first of all caused many people in more privileged countries like here in the UK, to have quickly raised up the draw bridge so to speak, so that it would be an us on the moat of ampleness and them on the grassy bank of despair  situation, but somewhere deep down our higher selves beckon us to rethink things through as there by the grace of God or by the ill luck of circumstances go I, or you or he or she ... 

So in the end the light shines on in the darkness and the power of mass human compassion and understanding by way of accepting and accommodating our fellow and fellowess human beings who through no fault of their own have been exposed to the most horrific ravages of war, famine and economic and political hardships. Hence this year through out the human migrant crisis is testament to the age old fact that the light does indeed shine on ... and with a lump in my throat I believe homo-sapiens AKA person-kind in this new age of the Aquarius will eventually realise that as a planet we will all only thrive only when we all thrive ...

If unfortunately for one reason or two or many, these last 365 days haven't been the best in your life thus far and you'l be glad to see the back of this year, then the self worth and prayer cards drawn during this free new years eve oracle cards reading, may just be the esoteric tonic to take you into the new year tomorrow and beyond ... When you tap into your own powerful wellspring of wisdom, you realise that you are your own best friend. 

The words of the 1980's song sung by Elaine Page and Barbara Dickson say it so well, the song is called I know him so well and the words I refer to say no one in your life is with you constantly, no one is completely on your side (@ 2:02) I think a better title for the song would be I know me so well and while we're @ it, let's get our minds off of "him" and cast our minds on our selves, so while you sing along to the words of this very catchy song embedded below, in the worthwhile pursuit of love of thy self lets change the words from him and man to me, myself and I, go on I dare you, ha ha!

I hope you've enjoyed this free new years eve oracle cards reading as much as I've enjoyed presenting it to you! Anyway now it's karaoke time! oh and have a brilliant and magickal new years eve x

Song written by 
Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus 
From the musical Chess 


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