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My special gift to you is this free Christmas day angel tarot reading because drum roll, yay it's that oh so special date, the 25th of December, so Merry Christmas to you! I hope you're enjoying this magickal festive day as much as I am! I say magickal because over two thousand years ago the king of Magick AKA Yeshua also known as Jesus made his humble entrance in to this world, courtesy of the Holy Spirit and Mary (well turning water into wine - a feat he achieved during his manhood - is pretty hardcore magick with a K by anyones standards!).

So how's your Christmas day going thus far? have your grand/children opened up all of their presy's yet? are they more interested in the packaging and boxes than the actual object that was contained therein, laugh out LOUD ... Are you surrounded by much loved family and or friends today? are there raised voices (in the nicest possible way) and raised glasses - ching ching, lol. 

Or perhaps you're one of the many people who has to work today on the 25th of December!?! Or alternatively you may be giving a helping hand by way of charity in a hands on way, to people who have fallen on hard times this Xmas.

Your circumstances for one reason or another may mean that you're spending Christmas day on your own, well if you are, keep your chin up because after all when we become a little older and wiser we start to realise that we are indeed our OWN BEST FRIEND after all who else has been with you constantly throughout your life! 

Are you feeling moments of fleeting sadness on and off throughout this Christmas day? because a friend or family member has died and you miss them like crazy? and you feel that Christmas will never be the same again without them? well it's ok to feel this way, in future Christmases hopefully you will be able to look back @ Christmases past with a smile on your face, happy with the memories that you carry in your heart and soul of that special person or people and content in the knowledge that you WILL ALWAYS MISS YOUR LOVED ONE/S THAT HAVE PASSED OVER, IT'S JUST THAT YOU WILL GET USED TO MISSING THEM!

I decided that I'd actually make the accompanying video recording for this reading today on the 25th of December, so that I can tap into the Christmas day energy in a 100% authentic way! so with no further ado, let this free Christmas day angel tarot reading begin ...

For this Xmas day reading I've chosen to use the Archangel power tarot cards and for this special seasonal session I've gone one step further, in as much as I've only selected the Angel Gabriel cards in this deck as Gabriel is the celestial heavenly being that is mentioned by name in the portions of the Bible Gospels pertaining to the nativity.

As you can see in the video, the stack of cards I am left with to shuffle are minimal but nevertheless the correct message will come through for us, with a little gentle help from Arch Angel Gabriel the Messenger. The first card to be selected, with a little help from our friend, is Three of Gabriel - Prosperity arising from wise planning, time to take the next step. Optimistic plans that turn out as expected. The second card to be drawn for this two card reading is Page of Gabriel - Energetic, brave, Optimistic, Playful - follow your passion! You are ready for any challenge. Opportunities for excitement and adventure.

Three of Gabriel

Angel Gabriel is guiding you by way of wise counsel to plan things, so maybe even today if everyone hasn't sat down to eat their Christmas dinner yet, ask yourself if everyone is seated in the most appropriate place? do you have any relatives that aren't seeing eye to eye @ the moment? will things get a little heated if Aunt Sue is sat next to Aunt Jane, lol ... yes Christmas day is about making amends but you don't want to turn that yummy scrummy Chrimbo dinner into a family war zone ...

What else can you plan? well did you leave buying all of the Christmas gifts and food to the last minute, has it placed a financial burden on you that is likely to land you in to debt, well try to make plans for next Christmas by buying presents @ bargain prices in the Boxing day and January sales!

Time to take the next step? well perhaps there's a friend or family member, or someone who will cross your Christmas day path today, who will help you take the next step in what ever venture, albeit business, personal, spiritual or emotional that you have been planning for quite some time. So listen carefully to any conversation that may arise @ the Christmas dinner table! Arch Angel Gabriel is also suggesting optimism is the flavour of this Christmas day, expect good things and they will boomerang back to you ...

Page of Gabriel

On this Christmas day, try to be your best energetic, brave, optimistic and playful self and show your passion and zest and zeal for life today, yes you are allowed to excel and shine as bright as the star of Bethlehem on this much loved day! So if you notice that anyone seems to be a little dejected today, do your best to try and raise their energy levels by bringing out their playful side too. 

Follow you passion and speak it out aloud today with joy, vigour and magickal Christmas day excitement (you never know who may be listening and who may be able to help bring it to full fruition!) and don't avoid any challenge, even if the "challenge" is a family member sat @ the Xmas dining table! Embrace it or he or she in your arms, the way that Mary surely would have embraced baby Yeshua AKA the muling infant Jesus many moons ago ...

That's it for this free Christmas Day Angel Tarot reading, I hope you've enjoyed it - I certainly have! - and I also hope that it will help you a little or ALOT today!

Peace and positive Christmas day vibes from me to you x


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